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Today's Notice Board to all Students

School supplies available at school on

Monday 14th & Tuesday 15th December 2020

from 8.30 am to 1.30 pm.


  • Badges,

  • Bible,

  • Blouses,

  • Buttons,

  • Hymn Books,

  • R.K Text book,

  • School Shirts, S

  • School Tshirts (limited offer),

  • ​School Uniform Cloth.

Please use bit.ly/HFCC_SMRF as the link to access the Google Form for the uniform request.

Thank you.

HFCC Online Policy Document for Parents and Students: click here

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v5 Class Timetables 2020-2021

OldNotices to all Students

​Monday 14th September 2020

  • Students without a school T-Shirt can call the school and make arrangements to purchase one at a time convenient to the office.


 Call 636-2544, let them know the colour and size, so that it can be pre- 

 packaged and reserved for you. School T-Shirts left: 


Cotton :   14 large yellow      |    14 large red          |     8 large green 

Dri-fit   :    5  extra large red  |    2   medium  red

The T-Shirt types can be seen here: T-Shirt types

  • Students without a computer system please inform their form teacher who will record it and forward to the Deans via the Deans Form at the top of this page.

  • Students should be ready and waiting to join their form teachers every morning by 7:45 so that assembly can start at 8am (on time). 


Textbook Rentals Application

Parent/Guardian Registration for EMIS *

School Nutrition Application*

No reliable device/ computer

Explain your situation to your form teacher